who played violin on Bob Dylan's Hurricane?

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Answered: Favorite Bob Dylan song?

10,000 Men 2X2 Abandoned Love Absolutely Sweet Marie..... Ain't A-Gonna Grieve Ain't No Man Righteous Alberta (#1 and #2) All Along The Watchtower..... All I Really Want To Do All Over You All The Tired Horses Angelina Apple Suckling ...

Answered: Have you ever taken violin lessons? How old should ...

i play the violin myself and it is a beautiful instrument. only start your kid in lessons if he/she wants to. i wouldnt start a child on violin until they were at least 3javascript:mctmp(0); . for the violin, you have to sit/stand perfectly straight with your feet planted on the floor and your ...

Answered: Bob Dylan the Human Being

I know that he has several children, the best known of whom is Jacob - following his dad into show business rather successfully. Bob Dylan has had many romances, most famously with Joan Baez, although at last one marriage [to Sarah] ended in divorce. That's about all I know of his personal life ...

Answered: Can i learn how to play an instrument online? How?

PluckandPlayGuitar has free video based lessons for absolute beginners and assume you know nothing or close to nothing. It takes you step by step through the basic guitar chords one by one. There's also lessons on guitar scales, techniques and some easy songs to play. http://www ...

Answered: What is your favorite Bob Dylan song?

Dylan and Knopfler - I really like this one!
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Look on Ebay and you will see quite a few Hopf violins for sale. One (from the late 1700s) is asking $11,000, some are asking a thousand or two, but many are in the range of a few hundred dollars. Some may be copies. There might be a catalog of Hopf violins. Your best bet might be to have a ...

Dylan´s masterpieces

A few of my favorites are "Bringing it All Back Home", "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan" and "Blood on the Tracks". No doubt he's one of my favorite artists in the world.

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Best Dylan Album

Bob dylan best album is probably " DESIRE " 1975