Who played the role of the villain Mr. Freeze in the film "Batman and Robin"?

Who played the role of the villain Mr. Freeze in the film "Batman and Robin"?

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Pretend like... You be the Momma and I'll be the Daddy...and etc...and etc...and etc.

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I thought to bring out an interesting idea for a comic strip or book, but the actual conflict is far too intense for such a mellow medium. That belongs in a toned-down format on The Military Channel, where things unfit for civilian eyes appear routinely -- because it is intended for an audience ...

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Well, since none of you helped me, I already found the answer.

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Science is observation. Record keeping. Data collection. If and only if you are objective, you ARE a scientist. If not, then you are a data collector.

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The Dark Knight. It was the batman character that was good but the joker protrayal Christian Bale ... Bruce Wayne / Batman Heath Ledger ... Joker
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