who owns the gold mines in africa?

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Answered: What is Cloud mining?

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Answered: How do I find abandoned gold mines in Mexico to lease?

You better do some research. I have been a prospector for 25 years and have known guys who went to Mexico to prospect and mine gold. Of 3 guys, 2 were arrested for attempting to steal property of Mexico. The other was detained at the border and his gold was confiscated. He wasn't arrested, but all ...

Answered: Soltera Mining today?

They have an account on Twitter. Twitter.com/solteramining. I'm in @ .25 and disappointed, but I think it could do better if the market actually cares about all the good news. They should get off the pinks soon enough, they're spending money on "corporate restructuring", so a better exchange is in ...

Answered: GOLD

Only if you can find the right beach on the Rogue River, up from the ocean where the gold was found. It wasn't the ocean beach where the gold was found; placer gold was found on the river itself. However, you can find a lot of gold on the Ocean beach at Nome, Alsaka.The GPAA, Gold Prospectors of ...

Answered: Shares in the Eldorado Gold Placer Mines

Unfortunately the name El Dorado/Eldorado was one of the most used names for gold mines and gold mining operations. You will need to say where the deed, or claim, or whatever it is you have on your certificate is from. If you have an exact name or region of the town it would help. Names on the ...

Answered: I am trying to buy gold filled beads from africa. can you help me at

MY name Tulepov, I read all comments here, me am buyer from the republic of Kazakhstan, I buy gold from Ghana monthly basis.Seller in Ghana name is Mr Asamoah, good and kind man to do business. Not scam me for one day and product of 22cts, pure 93%. No more complain of lost money in business gold ...
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