who owns Fatz BBQ and Grille in dinwiddie va?

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Answered: What kind of BBq grill do you own? I am in the ...

I did always have a "Ducan", they sold out to "Weber", .. nothing like the other.. if you have space the Wolfe and a few others Lynx are A-1 Sweet G 6/11

Answered: What is the best Charcoal portable grill on the market today?

Hot Spot and Medina both make very reliable models of charcoal portable grills . I am sure that you can find what you are looking for with these models. They are reliable and affordable.

Answered: Where can I find a Hibachi portable BBQ grill that uses gas?

There are several kinds of portable grills at Backyard City. I know that they have both gas and hibachi versions so I am sure you can find what you are looking for.

Answered: Do You Like Grilled Pizza?

hmm, i haven't tried it yet and i also want to try it. please let me know if it taste good! thanks!

Answered: Why would a propane bbq grill for heating only be dangerous to use inside

Propane gas is extremely volatile. Any leak inside the home which is a closed area means an accumulation of the gas that could explode by a spark.

Answered: Is grilling a man's job?

In my home, we both share grilling duties. It depends on whose night it is to cook. We love grilling so much that neither of us complain. During the winter months, we get out the grill covers to protect our outdoor grill and begin using our indoor portable grill for all our grilling needs. We love ...
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Cooking with BBQ sauce

Marinating is best if time to do it. Brushing on leads to some serious flame ups unless done at low heat for a long time.

Is a gas grill or charcoal grill better? I'm looking to buy a new grill

I prefer charcoal grills! They give you great, smokey flavor and seem to cook at a higher temperature. Gas is ok, but it does not give you the flavor and experience of a charcoal grill. I think that you should look at portable grills so that you have the option of taking it with you if you travel ...

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peanut oil