who owns 433 broadway in elmira ny?

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Answered: Broadway Shows?

I will recommend Mamma Mia, Jersey Boys, In the Heights. I love musicals. Didnt like Wicked very much

Answered: Who owns Palm Bay Apartments?

Contact the county property tax office for info

Answered: Why is broadway closing and when

There is a Parade: http://www.newsday.com/news/local/newyork/ny-nymacy2612210926nov26,0,6942336.story

Answered: Can i choose ny own?

Absolutely yes, go right ahead.
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If you mean Forbidden Planet, the studio that made it holds the rights. And holds them very tightly. It's a classic, influential film and still makes money.

350 Broadway Towers ib Revere, MA

Apartments and Affordable Housing in Revere, MA

Broadway Orchestra

I think it is pretty tough to join it , if you are talented you still need connections . Try here for different try outs: http://www.myauditions.com/

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I would sell online at Http://www.toolexchangeworld.com if you want to avoid listing and selling fees like you pay at the auction sites. You could also have a garage sale or give them to charity and get a write-off. Good Luck