Who opposed the ratification of the constitution and wanted a bill of rights?

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Answered: Do Terrorists Captured on Battlefield Have Constitutional Rights?

The fix is in.King Obama purposely taints jury!!!! Obama taints KSM jury pool ********************************************** Idiot Obama reveals himself to be as lousy a lawyer as he is president: ****************************************************** He has given the defense its first motion ...

Answered: I need to know if my constitutional rights have ...

I agree most the the answers. More details are required why that matter. You can check out Civil Rights Lawyers if you want to know more the legal ways to deal with your concern.

Answered: The federalist question continues.

Once again we see our token leftist sniveling for sympathy, hoping for easy money by begging in the names of Hitler and Stalin. Utterly folly. But: Leftists find that their games never work. Therefore: Leftists are most foolish to persist with their games when they have never worked yet.

Answered: Why did united states leaders want to write a new constituition

They don't want that at all. They just want to scrap the one we're intermittently using now.

Answered: Can a child sue a parent for the violation of one or more of their

Civil Court is the only way for a child to sue a parent.. Children have no constitutional rights unless they were violated by the Government... We have recently seen what a government can do to violate the Constitution. (Just ask Gov. Jan Brewer.) Do you miss Bush yet ?

Answered: Pls iwhat are d achievements of macpherson constitution of1951 of

THE NEW CONSTITUTIONS 1950-1960 The next phase in constitution making in Nigeria was characterized by the direct involvement of the people from the grassroots level. The accusation levied against Britain for imposing the previous constitutions cannot hold for this period. Yet the guiding hands of ...
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