who makes vernon manor ham products?

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Answered: I would like to try to make my own wine. I've ...

We grow four varieties of grapes here: Himrod, Einset (seedless table grapes) and for wine, we grow Merlot and Reisling. Any grape is good for wine if it has seeds to help crush the fruit. The easiest wine for the first time winemaker has to be Reisling. It is a stable and very tolerant wine ...

Answered: Where can I purchase a Dearborn ham


Answered: How do you reduce the salt in a ham

Toupie Ham can be boiled for 1 hour add some pepper corn to the water ,this will expel some salt ,but keep in mind that processed meat is what it is so if you are watching your salt intake I would advise you stay away from it and purchase a fresh ham instead , this way you can add a bit of salt if ...

Answered: Are pork product s used in making jelly?

Fruit jellies (like grape jelly) are usually made with just fruit and sugar, or sometimes with added pectin, which is a fruit product. Outside the US and Canada, a jelly refers to a gelatin-based dessert. Gelatin is often made from pig skins, cow hides, and/or fish. You can buy kosher gelatin (or ...
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