who makes stright thru inkjet printer?

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Answered: How to clean an hp inkjet printer for storage?

Actually i am using Industrial Inkjet Printer but it's from "citronix uk" so the system is too different from HP inkjet printer.

Answered: Is there an easy default type of printer ink that ...

no that would be impossible as each manufacturer has different designs in mind brother toner cartridge

Answered: What are the advantages of a ink jet printer because i dont get nothing

Inkjet printers print fast and it has more quality than other printers.

Answered: My Epson Stylus color printer no longer prints even though my computer

spooler problem. reinstall the printer driver epson printer ink

Answered: I have the oldest dilemma. I'm throwing my old HP ...

If you are decided on getting a laser printer, consider also the cost of the consumable laser toner cartridges , power usage & paper sizes.
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Cost of Inkjet Printer Cartridge?

Cost of inkjet printer cartridge depends upon which type of inkjet printer you are using or which company it is.For buying Industrial Color Inkjet Printer you can visit "citronix uk"

inkjet printer and thermography

If you are in search of an Inkjet Printer which can full fill all your Industrial needs than i will suggest you the Industrial Inkjet Printer from citronix uk.

InkJet Cartridges Refill?

Yes, Bro it's too hard to refill cartridges by yourself because it requires some skills and machinery as well. As i am using Industrial Inkjet Printer bought from "citronix uk", i always get refilled my cartridges from authorized inkjet printer shop.


I am recommending you Industrial Color Inkjet Printer from citronix uk. Because I've personally used it and it's good for both.