who makes epica training collars?

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Answered: How effective are anti bark collars on dogs and ...

When it comes to calming "nuisance-barking", Citronella Spray Bark Collars are more effective than electric shock, a test by the Animal Behavior Clinic at Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine has found. "Either type of collar can be a supplement or an alternative to behavior modification. The ...

Answered: What are squirt collars good for when training dogs?

The idea behind squirt collars especially using citronella in the squirt collar is that the dog doesn't like the smell of citronella and helps to keep the dog from performing unwanted behavior. I myself use a Martingale training collar but of course it doesn't squirt or anything, it just a cinch ...

Answered: Tuxcedo corlla


Answered: Tips for collar training a dog

Proper knowledge and training is required before an owner can start training their dogs using a correction collar. This is a correction device and not a regular collar which means it should only be used on training and not should be wear all the time.

Answered: What are the typical areas of training which many dog owners often forget

A REALLY good down, especially from a distance. And this means a stay to - if I tell by dog "Down" he should stay there until released ideally. This is both a safety and behavior issue. An overly excited dog will naturally start to calm in a down position. If your dog is running loose, it may save ...

Answered: I need a remote for a command series 200-1 collars

If i got you clrearly you are talking about innotek iuc 5100 right??
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