who makes easy blendz margarita mix?

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Answered: How do you make margaritas?

there are 2 ways to make a margarita. in a blender or on the rocks, personally i like mine on the rocks. anyway, i make my margaritas by using margarita mix (the kind w/o the alcohol in it) then add one part tequila to 2 parts mix. and i like to add cointreau and a little oj, from there its just mix ...

Answered: easy loan

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Answered: What are some of the best mixed alcoholic drinks ...

Ask for a Captain Morgan's Coconut Rum with orange juice. Very nice flavor and very light with dinner.

Answered: Making a great margarita

Here are a bunch of Margarita Recipes that are great - http://www.gourmet-living.com/category.html?category=+margarita

Answered: How many ice cream cone does one gallon of soft serve ice mix make

The amount of cones depends on what size scoop you'll be using. Usually a half cup scoop is the reccomended serving size.
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