who makes bella brand small appliances?

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Answered: Make a small advertising

Hi Maggie: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. Advertising with AOL

Answered: Brands moving to Philippines to establish their contact centers? I wonder

Because the people that live there have accents. Have you ever called a help line, a customer service line, or a contact us number and spoke with a person who did not? I rest my case.

Answered: Brand Loyality

Brand loyalty is OK as long as the actual product you are going to purchase is really the best of its kind for its price range...you should always check Consumer Reports before buying any appliance..I've found that my favorite brand of something is not always the best one on the market!! so purchase ...

Answered: Electric Appliances online

I know few of places for Electrical goods online shopping: https://electricalgoods.ie/ http://electrocity.ie/ http://redmondelectric.ie/

Answered: Small appliance parts Looking for a power cord for LEKTRO MAID electric

I would buy an authentic replacement for the specific appliance that requires repair. You can find online parts suppliers here:Kitchenaid Replacement Parts

Answered: Cheapest brand for flashes

If you are taking about flash lights then i'll suggest you to visit http://www.bestflashlightspot.com/led-flashlight/ Here you will get good quality flashlights at affordable price.
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Well I know there's an organization from Omaha that deals with those things. Here's there website: http://www.allapplianceservice.biz

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