who made my english saddle?

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Answered: We are looking at a english jumping saddle - it is ...

You can buy english jumping saddle at Amazon.com .

Answered: Saddles

A saddle is required to enhance the comfort of the rider and promote balance. By doing this effectively, the rider will feel safer, gain in confidence, and achieve a higher standard of horsemanship. VSD saddles are Very Slightly Dressage saddles, so just a bit straighter cut than your normal GP ...

Answered: Translate to English

jurunft, english translation?

Answered: With English as the international medium of ...

Many HAVE made a career out of it. Get some training (ESL, TESOL, TEFL) so you'll know what you are doing. Just because you can speak a language does not mean you know anything about teaching it. There are quite a few headhunters out there if you are young, inexperienced, and a college graduate.
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"mein denke" means "my guess".

Buy duplicate roy rogers saddles does anyone know ...

Why is everybody looking for something cheap? I hate that word. Why would somebody want a cheap saddle? If you can't afford it then you don't need a RR saddle to ride. It dosen't make you ride any better. Google RR saddles.

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Sorry I can't help there - my forte is English language. I am totally innumerate !

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Want to join saddle club? Surf of internet and here you can go through many site that are running saddle club. One of the best to find a saddle club is post classified as one of my friend did. He has posted his requirement on http://www.horsefree.com and get the immediate result. You can also try ...