who knows Frankie Zuccaro from East 21 St in Brooklyn Ny?

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Answered: 666 New World Order Leaders, who are they?

Tadpole/The Rocmike Stalker's latest screen name is Lem which is only one of the 47 names that go back to her Facebook Page. All the Porn posts also go back to that same page. That's a fact.................BUSTED!!!!

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Old question, but will always someone that turns 21 years old, for me it would be to go back to that VERY Year... Sweet G

Answered: Prepaid.citi.com/21stcentury-do i need to register my card to use my

I want to register this gift card.

Answered: Ideas for 21st birthday party?

Hi Tiffany! Entering the adult world? Celebrate it! How about a 21 point themed party? For example theme No. 1 Coloured balloons and ribbons-keep adulthood joyful. No.2-Family book-importance of family...etc. Enjoy! More ideas? http://birthdayplanet.net

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You should write to the nation of birth, stating exact data and as much else as you know. It can take a long time to determine exact facts and figures -- perhaps as much as a month. One case where a birth certificate has been proven criminally false is that of Barrack Obama. Be patient: the truth ...
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