who is voris at IBM?

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Answered: What does IBM have to do with the UPC barcodes?

P., here is the History and conection with Barcodes and IBM. Sweet G 6/17 ................................................... Barcode History - Barcoding Inc. Barcode History We recommend this article from Wonders of Modern Technology. Barcodes Sweep the World By Tony Seideman ...

Answered: How did IBM get the nickname of Big Blue?

IBM, is called the Big Blue. Among the blue-chip stocks on the US stock market, IBM was a steady and consistently high performer over the years. It regularly gave good dividends to its shareholders and that's why it came to be called the Big Blue. Over the years, the distinctive blue colour has ...

Answered: Where did IBM's Big Blue name come from?

The cabinets of the first IBM mainframe computers and periphery equipment were painted blue.

Answered: What is the difference between IBM Websphere Application server and IBM

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Answered: 1997 IBM commercial. Joe Pytka, director.


Answered: IBM Basic Beliefs plaque - where to find one

How about this site: http://ibmcollectables.com/gallery/view_album.php?set_albumName=BobLadden1
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Lenovo/IBM thinkpad series

The Thinkpad series is designed and manufactured by Lenovo since the *60 series the last models design by IBM were the T43, R50 and X40 since then all the design and Manufacturing is by Lenovo.

How is the Lenovo X series? Is it the same quality as under IBM?

Yes... the Lenovo X series is just as good as the IBM X series was. X60s is the best ultra thin notebook money can buy. Good luck

Wireless problem on IBM R50e notebook

Download from lenovo.com the system upfdate utility and run it.

IBM joins OpenOffice

I've heard that IBM will add some of the code and experience it had with Lotus Notes. I hope IBM will add the necessary part in making the OpenOffice package complete - An Outlook replacement. Lotus Notes' better part is its scheduling and mailing client and that's exactly what OpenOffice needs to ...