Who is Tunnels & Trolls? Who created it? What category would you categorize Tunnels & Trolls?

Who is Tunnels & Trolls? Who created it? What category would you categorize Tunnels & Trolls?

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Answered: Yedda creating categorys?

I don't believe you can do that of your own accord. You can, however, use the 'Feedback' function (found at the upper right of your screen) and let Yedda staff know what category you think should be added and why. (Be thorough in your explanation so they'll understand why you think so.) They may ...

Answered: Is there a social bookmarking service that uses both tags and folders

Majority of social bookmark services stimulate users to create their own bookmarks by the use of tags. Tags allow you the users to find internet resources in a most easy way. http://outsourceit2philippines.com/outsource-company.htm

Answered: Where is the world's longest tunnel located?

The world's longest tunnel is located in Delaware, and it was drilled through solid rock. It is approximately 85 miles long and it is used for water distribution. There are other long water supply tunnels that are long, but the longest tunnel made as a road is in Norway and it is 15 miles long.

Answered: Who created marshmallows

Real marshmallow goes back to ancient Egypt and was originally created as a medicinal substance made from a plant. The Egyptians discovered it also made a nice sweet. Modern marshmallows are nothing more than sugar and corn syrup and flavorings and contain no real marshmallow at all.

Answered: Is it best to troll slow or fast

It is best to get a straight slow troll going and slowly let out the line until your sinker hits the bottom. A floating or a countdown rapella works well.
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