Who is Top one game scorer in Olympic basketball?

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Answered: International olympics

Norway is correct. The population of Norway is now 5 million.

Answered: What school won the State Class C Basketball championship in 1952 and

There are 50 states. Care to narrow it down a bit?

Answered: Olympic games**

thank you for your help

Answered: Are the Olympics a gay event? There's too much interest in figure skating

Figure skating is very pretty. The ladies in this event are dedicated and very passionate about their art, as are couples and single men. But: Leftists hate men so much that if men take part in even the smallest way, leftists condemn it horrendously. Therefore: Leftists have no sense of art or ...

Answered: Why is basketball exercise

Running and jumping is exercise. That's why.
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Now I sleep very good, THANKS to the good guy.

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Maybe we both dont know what happened in Tibet, but still, u may should listen to different voices. When I saw the people in Lhasa roited in the city on our main channel (CCTV1), many innocent people and police officer was killed that day, I was very shocked, we never saw this kind of things ...

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No, and I regret it. I live in Seattle and told myself for years that I would attend the winter Olympics in Vancouver BC, which is only 2 hours from my front door. I believe if you have a chance it's a once in a lifetime opportunity you need to take advantage of.