who is the wiser dapper?

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Answered: This is the time to be cooler and wiser.

shortcake915 the foul mouth one is hope faith change& also The origial Symplifie the one with 200 answers

Answered: What does the Bible say about "Each Generation getting weaker and


Answered: Why is it wiser to have a will drawn instead of having joint account in a

How would you account for all your other assets such as house, car, investments, etc. A will is a basic essential, otherwise the state could get those and not your heirs.

Answered: Pedro vs. Pettite

pedro can't pitch in nyc

Answered: MYSQL GUI for linux

I prefer Mysql Administrator and phpMyAdmin.These two are really good for mysql administration.For more details about linux visit http://www.lynuxstuff.com
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Yes, I think So. Bacause Ruby on Rails has good future compare to many other languages and Ruby on Rails developers get paid good too, then why not consider it. This article throws light on your question http://www.allerin.com/blog/future-of-ruby-on-rails/

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I, too, am looking for this doll. It was my daughter's favorite and she is now about to have her own daughter. Sadly, her doll was accidentally left at a restaurant on the way home from vacation, and even though the people at the restaurant assured us that they would mail it to us, they never ...

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If there ever was a logical argument to support atheism, then what is it?

Smart Package Manager on Ubuntu Edgy?

Try: [alt]+[f2], type: "synaptic", [enter] If it doesn't work, try: [alt]+[f2], type: xterm, [enter], type: "sudo aptitude install synaptic", [enter] After synaptic is installed, try the first thing again. Should work, good luck.