who is the voice of the napa know how can?

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Answered: Improving your voice?

I dono about Herbs but I think these tips would be useful for you, 1. Don't try to use fake voice. 2. Observe other people who talk boldly 3. Be confident even if your voice fails you. 4. Be prepared in mind you can also get help from guys in 3to30.com, they give great voice over tips.

Answered: Good voice

There are some people with no hope, but some people who have nice voices but their voices could be even better with some training. Voice coaches can really help, but again, only to people with some hope.

Answered: Male with Female sounding voice

well theres nothing wrong if a guys voice sounds slightly femine i mean micheal jackson didnt sound all that manly and he was one of the worlds best and im not sure if theres anyway u can shange ur voice but if i was in that situation i wouldnt change my voice i would be proud coz god gave u that ...

Answered: How far away was napa's earthquake felt?

The American Canyon 3:20am magnitude 6 earthquake was felt strongly within about 20 miles, and felt mostly within 100 miles away. There were even a few reports from 200 miles away. The web site usgs.gov has a map of reports http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/nc72282711#dyfi

Answered: Why does the napa cabbage in my market have black spots?

Sometimes, there appear to be tiny black spots on the leaves of Chinese cabbages. These are not signs of deterioration but occur naturally and are harmless. www.innvista.com/health/foods/vegetables/chincabb.htm
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What makes a building yellow tagged in an earthquake napa ca?

A building could be yellow tagged if it is moderately damaged to the degree that habitability is limited. Perhaps entry will be allowed by day but no overnight stays. Red tagged means it is dangerous to go in; it may be in danger of collapse. Maybe you can get 15 minutes, wearing a hard hat, to ...