who is the redhead in pitch perfect?

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Answered: Are there any detalis on how many redheads are in the world?

Hi, You'll probablly be surprised: A surprising number of researchs were conducted regarded this subject. There are many figures of how many of the world's population are redheads.... ranging from 1.91% to 5.6%..... so the accepted value is 4%. If there are 7-8 billion people than there are some ...

Answered: What makes a perfect match in a partner?

Since my last answer, after much more though and research, I have ammended the 3 C's with the addition of 3 more C's, Common Sense, Cooperation and Courage. I now call it the 3+3 C's. All of these either on their own or coupled together are necessary to have any successful relationship.

Answered: Does perfection exist?

What do you mean by "perfect"? There's the old saying "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder". If you are referring to the "perfect" person...another old saying is..."Pretty is as pretty does". Some people look for the perfect person...actually...I don't think there's any such thing as a perfect ...

Answered: The most easy listening album of Blonde Redhead

I quite like Misery Is A Butterfly when I want something to listen to before bed.
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Why can't i find pitch perfect on netflix?

The catalog for streaming video is much smaller than for DVDs. But they don't have everything on DVD, either. Pitch Perfect was only released on DVD December 18, 2012, so they could have it soon. You can request that they get it.