who is the prolia spokeswoman'?

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Answered: America's windows spokeswoman

I have used Windows Login Recovery to get my windows vista password reset . It can burn a bootable CD/DVD or USB to recover your password quickly, without any data loss at all. After several minutes, you can use the password reset CD/DVD or USB to reset windows vista password . It worked great ...

Answered: 1980s spokeswoman for triscuit snacks,was also peter pan and had a family

I say Sandy Duncan...didn't do it also?

Answered: Taylor's the new CoverGirl!

She is very pretty but I think she actually looks better with no makeup. But what does she care, another advertiser picking her up will only bring her more $$ (Sony has her for the camera and now this..I wonder who else will try to capitalize on her).

Answered: Who's correct?

Title 13 of USCS states that you must answer census, although penalty for not doing so is very low.

Answered: There are more than 67,000 households on the list ...?????????????

Court Cases Online Click here to view search criteria Case Search for: 2012 CA 007990 Search retrieved 1 case in less than a second. Click here to view search results All retrieved cases available for view Viewing single case; Details retrieved in less than a second ...
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James Holmes, 24, California liberal HeAD CasE in Aurora, Colo., kills 12

Looks like Rocmike aka American Patriot is starting today's posting marathon off with 3 hours of Mike Dudley and followed by Dave Palmer and Dfrogpong. We are in store for the next 16 hours of different aliases repeating the same thing over and over. It will waste its life going to old questions ...

Is this the wave of the future for the U S A??

Bonestructure you are correct.

What do you thing "Activists Hang Global Warming Banner From Mount

You 'american patriot' are not what you claim. You are just another ignorant pile of human waste wrapping themselves in our flag!

Mark traina

All they gt to do is check it out and see that it's one of Rocmike3-AKAs Mark N Starla Traina posing as school psychologist in Louisiana. Got your a$$ in a jam this time, huh Rocmike. hehe