Who is the prolapse queen?

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Answered: What causes Lumbar disc prolapses?

The main causes of prolapsed or herniated disc are trauma and degenerative disc disease.

Answered: How could the future queen kay be a queen when she has not royal blood

She (Kate Middleton) will be the wife of the royal blood King. The same as the current Queen Elizabeth's mother was.

Answered: Dressed to meet the Queen?

Well Atleast Shes Wearing Something

Answered: Can sexual inactivity cause bladder prolapse?qt=q

Well, to make things clear, sexual inactivity prevents pelvic injuries. If you are not sexually active, then you have lower risk in developing prolapse. However, there are other factors that may also predispose you. Visit http://www.vaginalmeshlawsuit.com, and learn more about pelvic organ prolapse ...

Answered: What makes the queen bee what she is and why?

Look at that link I gave you, Maya. Just scroll down to read the answers.
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Thank you Faye. You sound as if you are leaving us. I hope not. Did you get the PM I sent to you earlier today?

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drone, if you are referring to bees

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