who is the narrator on the planets on science channel?

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Answered: Get more satellite channels

Damn your black heart, Frankie. I wanted it to be a surprise!

Answered: Should humans inhabit new planets

Let's say we got there, the crew has not murdered each other off, that they have moderate politics, compassionate beliefs, and a realistic point of view when they land . . . somewhere. What would happen if they came to a planet that is as crazy as this one? It would be a moral imperative to blow ...

Answered: Francesco Bruno unforgotten.

I did not know that he was that hard to find. When one is burned to death for proclaiming the truth it is rather difficult to forget him. Of course this is the focal point of most of the mentions of him in history. Perhaps he is hard to find because his first name was not Francesco. Try ...

Answered: Who ownes the marketing rights to the movie "Forbben Planet"?

If you mean Forbidden Planet, the studio that made it holds the rights. And holds them very tightly. It's a classic, influential film and still makes money.

Answered: Where is the science channel on aol

Science News is at: http://news.aol.com/science Enjoy!

Answered: The fate of planets not of stars

Stars are constantly burning up hydrogen into helium, so they eventually run out. They either start burning helium or become a white dwarf. Massive stars become supernovas when they run out of fuel. Planets are not burning up their own matter, so they don't die that way. They may gradually lose ...
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Who is the narrator of discovery channel's africa?

The Narrator of Africa is Forest Whitaker

How fast is planet x coming toward earth

Whether you refer to the inbound object as Planet X, Nibiru, or, as referred to by the Sumerians as the “Planet Of The Crossing“, lets go over some fast and hard facts. The approaching object does not “twinkle“ like a normal star, but rather emits a bright white light. It appears much larger and ...

Which way is steel channel strongest laying flat or standing on

That depends on the direction of the load. If pulling ti apart there is no difference. However if the load is down the channel is strongest in the direction it has the most depth.