who is the girl in the nationwide commercial reclining car seat?

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Answered: Leather recliner

you should read what this person did with thier leather recliner problem..this should help

Answered: What are Baby Car Seat Cushions?

Baby car seats are more useful for protect your baby from several types of accidents and movements in a cars. They can sit more comfortable through this baby car seats .

Answered: Convertible or Infant Car Seat?

Convertible, right away. Can use one of those padded things to maintain good alignment for the infant, OR a small/thin towel will work well too. Hope this helps. Katie

Answered: I understand car baby car seats facing backwards ...

Car accidents are the leading cause of death for children and one thing that can save your kids' life is the proper use of child safety seats or restraints. While generally, booster seats are required until a child is 8 years old, authorities recommend that children should use boosters until ...

Answered: Up to what age should a child use a booster seat in the car?

first of all, kids should use a car seat for as long as possible before having a booster seat, I recently saw a video of a little boy thrown out of his booster seat during a crash, and if he had a car seat , the 4 point harness would've saved him, but kids should use a booster seat until the ...
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At what weight does a child no longer need a booster seat in a car?

They need to pass several tests, and it is not based on weight. First, they must be tall enough that the seat belt crosses the shoulder and does not ride up onto the neck. The lap portion must be across the top of the thighs, not the belly where it could damage delicate organs. And lastly their ...

Car seat

You should keep him in rear facing car seat until he is about 12 months or 20 lbs. Britax Convertible Car Seat

How can you rent cars to go nationwide like calif to west virginia?

Hi, Sure you can...... in fact in Europe one can hire a car in pone country, cross several countries and return it far far away (the other side of the continent). Best regards,

Desperately seeking a stroller that is compatible with convertible car

What type of convertible car seat? The kind that goes from car seat to infant carrier? If so, my daughter loved the Inglesina Zippy. In fact, my grandson's 3 years old now and the stroller still gets used from time to time. It traveled to Florida and back once and to New Mexico and back several ...