who is the "gianni schicchi' SOPRANO?

who is the "gianni schicchi' SOPRANO?

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Answered: The Sopranos finale

Click this link --- the most thorough anser to the question that I have found..... Page 1 « The Sopranos: Definitive Explanation of “The END”

Answered: Sopranos ending

I guess some may find the ending pretty disappointing, but I reckon the director thoughts were, everyone should picture his own ending. I can't remember where, but I've read he filmed 3 different endings and decided on the last moment which one will be broadcast. He even hid the chosen one from the ...

Answered: Is Dorothy Norwood an alto or soprano?

Sounds more like alto to me.
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Emmy nominations Sopranos James Gandolfini

i don't think so. It's not like they weren't nominated before...

When is the next season of sopranos coming out?

I just read yesterday that they all just signed up for another season, by the way we still have 6 episodes left in this season, they just split them in half,in sept. we will see the other half of this season. Go to HBO.com!

How old is Greek model giannis spaliaras?

38 his birthday is May 21, 1975

Where is the best place to get all sopranos episodes? I am willing to pay

hey buddy i know one web site which is on tv downlaods basis and provides full series download with just goose egg cost. you can use that site to get all Sopranos episodes. to visit to that site you have just need to click on download The Sopranos episodes .