who is the father of singer connie smith children?

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Answered: Contacting Carrie Smith

Carrie Smith was a jazz singer born in 1943 in New Jersey. Sang on Broadway Europe and various clubs in the us. I know she had been ill and several benefits were done in New york for her. At one time in her adult life she resided in New Jersey. Also she sang with Big Tiny Little. Maybe this ...

Answered: Can a father know his child if he goes to prison when they are 1 month

How long is he in for? If he is out in less than 2 years, I would not sweat this issue. However, regardless of sentence, you must speak with prison officials and see if you can bring y'all's child with you during visiting hours. I believe that most sites of incarceration will have a minimum age to ...

Answered: Celebrity to father your children?

it would be curtis stone takehome chef

Answered: Children of agent orange victims: My wife had two ...

Hi, My name is Greg Hackworth and I just now read your article about your wife and the still born and also about your daughter. There are a few things you need to understand about the VA before you go on. Did you know that every time VA officer turns down a claim or gets someone to give up he or ...
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Willow Smith's New Video

The only reason she's even able to sing is because of who her parents are. There are so many more talented individuals than she and they don't have the resources this girl has to make it.

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Smith Family Cemetery, Adair County , Kentucky , Milltown Revised List…..2010 I am Marilyn M Fair, this cemetery is located on the old farm of my Great Great Grandparents near Milltown Kentucky in Adair Co. The location is now in 2010 on the land of Mr. and Mrs. Reed and all that have ...

I am looking for a singer and her name is gabriele o'gara

Is this her profile: http://www.facebook.com/people/Gabrielle-O-Gara/665337322