who is the father of evelyn's daughter on Basketball Wives?

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Answered: Basketball playoffs

There are 50 states. Are we supposed to guess which one you're talking about. Idiot.

Answered: Why the fathers love the daughters the most?

I am sorry to say that a good father will love his children equally ( like the song a fathers love ) Be it boy or girl and what makes the difference. As they our yours as long as they are healty.

Answered: What school won the State Class C Basketball championship in 1952 and

There are 50 states. Care to narrow it down a bit?

Answered: Why is basketball exercise

Running and jumping is exercise. That's why.

Answered: I want to avoid the common mother/son father ...

I'm the worst dancer on the planet. So I learned. It is fun once you learn.
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Who is the father of evelyn lozada's daughter?

well, beeing that she a "high clASS prostitute" who's slept with most of these Athletes, who knows???? A DNA IS IN ORDER.....