who is the father of brit's baby on GH?

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Answered: The birth father's family wants the baby

Wow. I'm sorry you're going through this. To me (just what makes sense to me, not a lawyer or anything), it wouldn't matter. it the actual father doesn't want the baby, the court will see that and that'll weigh heavily on their decision. That baby has a home and it learning her environment, which is ...

Answered: Why is my pregnant ex girlfriend cutting me out of my childs life before

Does he have more money? Is he more stable than you in his job? Does he have more to offer her and the baby? Was this baby conceived in love or a mistake and so she decided not to tell you until it was obvious? What are the circumstances? if you want to be a part of the babies life, take her ...

Answered: Father and Baby Information

Probably easiest to go to some teen parents support organisations. Another angle would be government organisations or health boards in your state. I just tried "teen parents" in Google and got lots of resources - just contact some of these organisations and I'm sure a few of them will have stats ...

Answered: Has baby 207 bones ?

A human baby is born with 176 true bones, but its skull is actually three bones that have not yet fused. As a baby grows, the three bones fuse into one. Some of a baby's other bones are called cartilaginous bones, which means they have not yet calcified. By the time a baby reaches adulthood, bones ...

Answered: Crooked teeth in babies

I give my kids a homeopathic remedy called calc phos and calc fluor tissue salt. These tablets can prevent cavities in baby teeth and also help develop strong healthy teeth. Your local health food store should carry them. Homeopathic medicine is also wonderful during teething .

Answered: This baby has not passed urine in about 6 hours and is running a temp of

Yes, you should be worried. You should be at the doctor's office instead of on the inernet.
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Do men take their role as fathers more seriously ...

Sorry to hear of your situation Chue. I personally think men are more irresponsible than ever. They don't marry the women they impregnate and want women to work outside the house and make the money like a man should. It's disgraceful and makes all men look bad.

Sometimes baby girls bleed from the vagina?

I don't think it's normal - at all. The baby should be taken to a doctor immediately. No looking back.

Winter baby clothes

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Postpartum Depression in Men

The major reason for postpartum depression in women is that they are deeply involved physically and mentally with the growing baby within their bodies. This involves discomfort, pains and apprehension. When the baby is born all this disappears leaving a void. Coming to terms with this void can ...