who is the father of angie harmon from rizzoli and isles?

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Answered: I want to know my bio fathers heritage. He was from ashland, me. I was

OK......................Ask him. If he is no longer alive then ask your Mom, your aunts and uncles - anyone who might know.

Answered: I was with angie about 6yrs, we bought ahouse a ...

Hi Equus, No that was my Tracy. We were lovers for about 12 years. I can't say I wanted to "contact", Tracy. I felt her near me, through the split with Angie. We had a powerful bond. The only time in my life, I would change if I could. I left Tracy,for Angie. During those years with Angie, Tracy ...

Answered: Which is the best month to visit the Isle of Wight in the UK?

July and August could be the best time of the year to visit Isle of Wight especially near Alum Bay because of the not so hot temperature and summer view of the beach side.

Answered: What is harmonizes

The term Harmony is used to refer to notes that "blend" nicely with the melody. The melody consists of the essential notes that form the basic structure of any tune. Harmony requires at least 2 tones or voices and can be done with any number of additional tones/voices. Most harmony is written for ...
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Here is a list of all her movies Rizzoli & Isles (TV series) Detective Jane Rizzoli (10 episodes) ? When the Gun Goes Bang, Bang, Bang (2010) ? Detective Jane Rizzoli ? The Beast in Me (2010) ? Detective Jane Rizzoli ? I'm Your Boogie Man (2010) ? Detective Jane Rizzoli ? Born to Run ...