who is the aspca spokeswoman?

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Answered: Can I find original aspca photo of my cat?

Franni, I believe they have archived pictures of all the animals that come through their doors (for marketing/PR purposes). You might try contacting the webmaster to see if you can get the photo emailed to you. Good luck and thank you for choosing to adopt an animal rather than buy one. You have a ...

Answered: Who created aspca tv ad with Sara MacLaughlin? And were the animals in it

You never know...Its like a lottery ticket.. Some make it out of these "raids "alive.. Some don't.. Many of these ASPCA "puppy mill raid dogs" never stood a chance.. Many of these animals are distributed to shelters thoughout the United States.. There is no actual accounting or record kept as to how ...

Answered: America's windows spokeswoman

I have used Windows Login Recovery to get my windows vista password reset . It can burn a bootable CD/DVD or USB to recover your password quickly, without any data loss at all. After several minutes, you can use the password reset CD/DVD or USB to reset windows vista password . It worked great ...

Answered: Animal collectors and hoarders.

The reason we call them "dumb animals" is not because they lack intelligence, but because they lack a voice and representation. Put yourself in the animal's place. How would you want to be treated? Do that for the animal. As I think of the precious little animals ask, and the priceless bounty of ...

Answered: What happened to betty in aspca commercial?

Betty was adopted in Feb of 2003 by a loving family who renamed her Apples. She has 5 acres to run on and a fellow 4 legged friend to play. Her pups were also adopted just before Betty found her furever home. To this day she is still enjoying happy loving life according to her new owners
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What happened to Logan the little dog on the ASPCA commercials?

Don't know for sure, but this poor thing was probably put to sleep. The cost and care would have been to much, and the dog was probably going to be blind. Hope some one can shed some light on this...

Where does the donation money to the ASPCA go?

this ASPCA is spending billions on advertising...these 3 minute commercials are all over the TV...fox...cnn...abc....cbs....nbc...they're on cable stations....they're freakin everywhere....you know and I know this has to be govt money for an ad campaign this humongus....I only wish our federal ...

What to do to earn money for ASPCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can make money, then donate it to the ASPCA. Go to their website, and click "Donate"

Taylor's the new CoverGirl!

She is very pretty but I think she actually looks better with no makeup. But what does she care, another advertiser picking her up will only bring her more $$ (Sony has her for the camera and now this..I wonder who else will try to capitalize on her).