who is steve perkins and janet elway?

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Answered: Can I have sex with Janet Treto?

To see Janet L. Treto totally in the nude on purpose is my all-time #1 favorite way to see Janet L. Treto.

Answered: Are you planning on reading Janet Jackson's new book?

That type of book never turned me on. S G

Answered: What did Steve Jobs' toilets look like?

I'm afraid that this need more resources

Answered: Who Should Replace Steve Carell?

I just read somewhere that James Spader is replacing him on The Office. I have no idea how legimate that news is so take it with a grain of salt.

Answered: What has Steve Wozniak been up to lately?

This is a U-TUBE From 1/11, but really tells a lot of him self. Sweet G 6/10 ...... Will the real Steve Wozniak please stand up? - full interview with Eli Regalado from ICOSA Magazine
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