who is standing chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee for northern district of texas?

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Answered: How long does the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process ...

Usually, once the bankruptcy papers are officially filed, it takes a month or two, depending upon the courts to set a date at which one will appear. At the time of the court date, providing all papers are in order, the court will declare one bankrupt. This is then the end of most but not all ...

Answered: Bank as a successor trustee to Alzheimer patient

Most banks have a trust dept. that would handle this. The lawyer that drew up the trust should be able to provide the info on which branch agreed to administer it.

Answered: What is Chapter 12 bankruptcy?

Goldengopher is correct chapter 12 bankruptcy is very similar to chapter 13 bankruptcy it's just not as widely available since it's only for farmers and fishermen.

Answered: What happens in you file for bankruptcy then go to ...

I truly hope that you took my advice and talked to an Attorney and held off on the B/R ..That could ruin your credit for years.. Sweet G

Answered: What is the difference between chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 commonly used when You have little property except for the basic necessities like furniture and clothing and chapter 13 used when You have significant equity in a home or other property and you want to keep it. Advantages of chapter 7 are Most unsecured debts can be discharged (completely ...

Answered: I have a credit card with my bank . we are doing chapter 7. can they take

If you have a credit card with the same bank, it is advisable to get the funds out of your bank account and transfer it to another bank account, because they can go after your funds. I have heard this from several people, who have the same situation that you are in. Good luck.
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Can a creditor take you to court 6 years after chapter 7 bankruptcy was

My brother's will be up in 6 months and he said that a lawyer bought out his bk (capter 7) case and is taking him to court for the balance owed on one account that he said he claimed on his case. I was wondering because I filed ch 7 in april and got my discharge papers the other day and was ...

Legalhelpers what is the maxium amount of income to file chapter 7

Every state is different now. You just need search median income level for Chapter 7 and enter yo state and you can find that information.

Do you have to have an attorney to file for a chapter 13 bankruptcy? How

Its not compulsory to use bankruptcy attorney while filing chapter 13 bankruptcy but attorney can point and help you in filing process as bankruptcy helps you to start as a fresh. It is possible, but difficult, to file bankruptcy without the help of an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Chapter 13 ...

What happens if the Chapter 7 is denied? Can a chapter 13 be filled

Yes, You can file a chapter 13, however find out why your chapter 7 was denied was it a mistake on your part, was it a fraud, or you may have forgotten to finish your education. (post petition Course). If the denial was because of your income calculation then file a 13 or 11 case which ever ...