who is Ronald Maddisons girl friend? what was Ronald Maddison mistake?

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Answered: What do i as a customer say to a company for a payment mistake

Tell them you are sorry and it will not happen again. Then correct the payment for what you owe.

Answered: Help me! I've made a big mistake and I've lost a friend and a mentor at

Your first mistake was being a complete bitch. Quite an accomplishment at such a young age. Your second mistake is thinking this man will EVER forgive you. The results of your little game could have gotten him fired, gotten him arrested and imprisoned, and ruined his reputation for life. Not to ...

Answered: When I pick up a woman's magazine many of the ...

You won't find any romance advice in Outdoor Life, but in others such as Men's Health and GQ, Yes. Just switch genders and it's almost word for word. "What NOT to do on the first date"..."10 ways to WOW them in bed".... It's all the same BS, just print the word SEX on the cover and they fly off ...
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Girl friend advice

Sneaking out, by its very sneakiness, gives the impression you are doing something wrong. You could leave your house and go straight to confession, but when you sneak there, the perception is that you're up to no good. That's the first hurdle. The second is that your girlfriend is now living under ...

George Fernandez Old Town, ME friend and friend

If you're looking for someone, pay a site and look him up yourself. I don't do it for free. Most of you that look for people, just pay someone, if it's difficult for you.

Scorekeepers mistake in adding runs lost the game for the real softball

The rules of Softball state that the scorekeeper must be given an atomic wedgie and hung from the nearest flag pole.

Your fondest memory of Ronald Reagan?

My fondest memory of Reagan is that he granted a blanket amnesty to 1.7 million illegal immigrants in 1987. I'm fond of that because it's a great counterpoint to the current conservative Republican rhetoric about illegal immigration. My second fondest memory of Reagan is his sense of humor. He ...