who is robert hildebrand stockwell?

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Answered: Robert Sless

What is your question?

Answered: Where can i send get well cards for robin roberts

Don't know the answer. Sorry but I don't know who you are asking about.

Answered: How did Robert Traylor get his nickname?

Terry Foster: Giving Robert Traylor His Nickname Let me tell you a story that few know about and many others do not believe. I was the guy who gave Robert “Tractor” Traylor his nickname when he was a high school junior at Detroit Murray-Wright. He was one of my kids that I nurtured as a journalist ...

Answered: Is Robert Pattinson Dating Anyone ?!

As far as I have read. He's single. Here is an interview that was posted on 1-22-09 *I believe is the date* that y'all can read. :) http://www.robert-pattinson.co.uk/?p=8168#more-8168

Answered: Why does Robert Pattinson have to be so hot and ...

EveryBody Thinks robert pattinson is of course sexy and hot but it get you angry cause you want him to be yours like a Bf and its not going to happen.
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Robert Pattinson being an alcoholic?

He's not an alkie ... he drinks Rolling Rock for pete's sake, that's watered down anyway! He is a change-smoker...ugh!

How would you rate Robert Gates as defense secretary?

Oscar Myer weenie. Get the hellaway form the front. Lady Darko Along with all the Czars in the Obama whatever. Every single one of them have been apart of this morons' life from the gitgo including Holder whose lawfirm since 2007 backed over 18 Gitmo Shcmucks and wanted their trials in America ...