Who is Prosecuting Attorney Juan Martinez?

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Answered: How does Personal Injury case work without an attorney?

Personal injury claims can be handled in a variety of ways. Experience, technique, sales ability, overall familiarity with the insurance company at issue will impact your end result; and the end result is measured in dollars! What does all this matter you ask? First of all, upon finding out that ...

Asked: The Sword of Obama?

The Sword of Damocles......... This is an ancient Graeco-Roman parable about a corrupt ruler named Damocles, whose authority existed only as long as he sat in the throne, over which hung a razor sharp sword suspended by one human hair. It could snap at any time, killing the corrupt ruler. Even if ...

Answered: Will Pedro Martinez return to the mound?

If the Mets' wishful thinking comes to pass, three-time Cy Young Award winner Pedro Martinez will be back on the mound by August. Martinez, who underwent surgery on his right shoulder in October to repair a torn rotator cuff, still hasn't begun throwing off a mound, and the Mets can't say with any ...

Answered: What does dropped charges or no intent to prosecute mean

What don't you understand about those words?

Answered: What do you do if you can not afford a trust attorney?

Depending on what the problem is you might be able to go to a bank and get advice. Bankers know about these things too.
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