Who is Prosecuting Attorney Juan Martinez?

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Answered: Will Pedro Martinez return to the mound?

If the Mets' wishful thinking comes to pass, three-time Cy Young Award winner Pedro Martinez will be back on the mound by August. Martinez, who underwent surgery on his right shoulder in October to repair a torn rotator cuff, still hasn't begun throwing off a mound, and the Mets can't say with any ...

Answered: How does Personal Injury case work without an attorney?

Personal injury claims can be handled in a variety of ways. Experience, technique, sales ability, overall familiarity with the insurance company at issue will impact your end result; and the end result is measured in dollars! What does all this matter you ask? First of all, upon finding out that ...

Answered: What does dropped charges or no intent to prosecute mean

What don't you understand about those words?

Answered: Unsatisfied with ex-attorney

Thank You for your input I will contact the state bar.

Answered: Problems with my attorney - not returning calls and I've never met him

I suspect that you will be needing a new attorney. If your court date is in January, you will need to find one right away. Your new counsel should have better luck in retrieving your files. Geraldine Brown is licensed in Michigan and practices Estate Planning, Elder Law and Probate Law.
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If a criminal prosecution is already pending and ...

You need to consult a good criminal lawyer.

Denfense Attorney J Dane Perry

check on google .you can get here.

dual state reciprocity re: attorneys

Yes as long as he or she is licensed to pratice in that state as the In order for an attorney to be a licensed member of that State Bar, I believe s/he must take (and pass) that particular state's Bar exam BEFORE s/he is allowed to practice law in that state.

Give me five cases where they can be both criminal prosecution and civil

murder=criminal/wrongful death=civil...ie. oj simpson drug charges=criminal/forfeiture of property=civil...ie. my case those are the only 2 that i can think of at the moment....hope it helps