who is Pat Taylor, wife of former Canadian Ambassador to Iran?

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Answered: Iran Election

bomb the crap out of them

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That virtually never happens: HIV is such a menace that persons who don't already have it hold persons who do in utter disdain. Persons who commit at-risk behavior deserve the slow and horrifying death that their misconduct sentenced them to suffer -- death sentence without appeal and automatic ...

Answered: Where is Pat Patricia Taylor? Went to Central high ...

Is this who you are looking for? http://www.myspace.com/496714798 You can also try classmates.com

Answered: Iran Recounts Some Votes

Can't be solved under the current U.S. administration. Dictators like this only understand one thing. Lethal Force

Answered: Nuclear iran

Matthew Y , You must be kidding. The U.N. would rather see Israel perish than to offend Iran. Get real!

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Her love of life.. Sweet G
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The U.N. and Iran are both anti-semites. They are collectively seeking to destroy Israel and pretend that they are independent onlookers. They are very much involved and hope the very worst for Israel. They can't be trusted and shouldn't be.

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Do you think someone out there keeps a list of who everyone is cheating with? Hire a private investigator.

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Also, since those maps look so cute, can you keep going back with maps of who owned that land for 5769 more years to see owned it all the time back to then? And as long as you're at it, can you also give a map of Iran back for 5769 years to see who was in control of Iran back then? And then go ...

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