who is number 11 on the gators?

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Answered: What is the telephone number for 518 information?

518-555-1212 is Directory Assistance for area code 518 (somewhere in northeast New York, including Albany and Plattsburgh).

Answered: *try to get access numbers for a phone line with a 616*374

Caledonia MI 616-528-0017 AOLnet V90/K56+V92 might be closest Grand Rapids MI 616-301-1207 AOLnet V90/K56+V92 not far away

Answered: Jordan 11 Bred types of trainers ?

you can went to trainers outlet online store : www.trainers-uk.co.uk ,there have more shoes to fit you.

Answered: Why i keep seeing the number eleven???? I surfed ...

hi gtpgal, i guess u r not d only one who has felt this thing.... m d another one and searching d reason behind dis.....

Answered: What was the loto numbers in FL on 11-2-2010 ?

I'm not checking the lotto numbers for you but here's the link... http://www.flalottery.com/ ~Jada~

Answered: Where does the phone number 441213182153 originate from?

use reverse phone lookup to get the details of that number.
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What material was used in WW11 airplane windows, and is used in jewelry

It is a quite professional question and needs to be carefully considered. You can go to okorder.com to find the skilled answers here.

Pix 11

Google "Quadri-Track ZCT"

What is 8/11 as a real number?

Simply divide 8 by 11 to get the decimal number. 8/11= 0.727272727....... Please note that 8/11 is a real (rational) number as it is !...... But, I pressume that you asked how to "convert" it to a decimal number.

What is the answer to 150,000,000 divided by 11.210

Just in case you want a few more decimal places- 13380909.901873327386262265834077