who is neil byrne engaged to?

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Answered: Engagement Stories

A milkshake proposal!???? How could she not have swallowed the ring? There are some funny proposal stories on this zoara site.

Answered: Eternity band for an engagement ring?

There's nothing wrong in having eternity ring as an engagement ring. Actually, a lot of girls find the idea awesome since it'll look like a stack able ring with their wedding ring. What they do is they'll put some modifications on it for more appeal. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eternity_ring http ...

Answered: What kind of engagement rings do women usually like?

Most men get their jollies having sex. This clown likes to look at pictures of engagement rings.
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Do engagement rings have to be diamond? Could I ...

You can also buy an engagement ring with a moissanite stone which has an incredible amount of brilliance and sparkle. here is one place to see that has a good selection and explainitation of what is moissnaite. www.moissanitejewelryshop.com Randy

I want to give my old engagement ring to my daughters boyfriend to have

If it's going to be reset I think that will erase most of the bad karma. Let me ask you: Is this the engagement ring you received from the man who later became your daughter's father? If so, then perhaps it is a simple matter of associating the ring with a positive instead of a negative. Sure ...

How old is the singer neil young

Hi Michele, Neil young is 63.

Happy that Neil Patrick Harris can get married in NY?

Sure! They are going to be together anyway, so why shouldn't they be happy? I really don't see how it interferes with his acting abilities.