who is Moti Gibb and Moti Gibb II?

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Answered: Why Is Gibbs Allowed To Threaten Legislators?

As you said, we have freedom of speech, although at times it is abused.,

Answered: Who is joshua rembert at gibbs high an who are his parents

josh is a exceptional athlete with pretty good mobile speed and great pocket awareness. though at times he doesn't always make the right decision he forgets it and moves on to the next play. one scout told me he's tough and gritty but could use some polishing that will make him a excellent college ...

Answered: "Goober Gibbs "Thinks Trampling The First Amendment Is Funny?

This just in from "Ripley's Believe It or Not"!!! It has just been Confirmed & Certified that Today "Goober Gibbs" SHATTERED the World Record for the "Ingestion of the Most Excriment From a President"!!! Although "Wobbly" but still holding his "Shovel" he vowed to continue to "Stand Behind His Fella ...

Answered: Why is Robert Gibbs Barack Obama's Face?

Why you ask he gets paid big bucks for his job. Money talks and BS walks.

Answered: Pronounce maurice gibb

OK. I just did. Maybe not correctly, but I did pronounce it. Now what?

Answered: Interested in being the White House Press Secretary?

Gibbs did an excellent job of being a mouthpiece for his boss, but a lousy job at responding to the questions the press asked about things that were not strictly in line with the President's way of thinking.
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What are those white spots on barry gibb's chest?

Barry Gibb was burned accidentally with boiling water when he was 18 months old.

Why was andy gibb left out of phillip piperides sculpture, in redcliffe

I'm guessing it probably has to do with the fact that Andy Gibb was NOT a member of the Bee Gees.

What is jethro gibbs cell phone ring tone?

I think it's a Nokia ringtone, I wish I could download it to my phone

What is sec robert gibbs doing now?

Robert Gibbs is making money on the speaking circuit.He is expected to join the President's campaign full time in 2012.