Who is mother of Janine donahue daughter of troy?

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Answered: Selling Your Daughter's Virginity: Abuse?

Have you ever explored the website everyone has available to look at for your local perv? Most women jailed for sexual abuse of a minor do this. We really should control who gets to have children in this country or at least get them licensed to be a parent.

Answered: Steal daughter’s style?

Today, forty and fifty something mothers wear the same cult label jeans, sexy dresses and platform heeled stilettos as their teenage daughters and younger mums and dads dress their babies, toddlers and primary schoolers in designer 'mini me' versions of their own clothes. Even grandma and ...

Answered: Deaf daughter looking for her mother

It is possible to be more easy to find the information you need to locate your mother, is to contact the social security department, if that was not very helpful, (which I know they can be very anal in any kind of way). Otherwise, contact Vital Records, so it can be determined if she is currently ...

Answered: Theres this mother and she has a daughter, who is 13. the daughter has a

It's a complicated situation..Technically the daughter is in charge of the baby b/c she is the mother. If the grandmother were to go for custody, she would probably get it b/c the daughter is a minor.

Answered: How to help my adult daughter to realize how wrong it is to use the

The simple way is you can take her out and tell her about the issue in kind manner bcoz now days girl are very sensitive nobody knows what is going in there mind there will sudden dicision...... you have to handle in polite manner and more advices. for more information about this topic just login ...
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Relationship with my adult daughter

Hi Ann. You mentioned that you think she feels you're trying to "control" her, as if you two have had issues with this in the past... ? If it's true, let her do what she will this time without being upset. She will call you eventually, and when she does, don't make a big deal about her not worrying ...

Why would an adult daughter (27) spend most of her ...

Hi Ann, ------- JKgrandma and Tippy gave you excellent answers (thumb up, each). I would like to add: There are many possible reason to explain her behavior (e,g: She is very tired, she is in bad mood, she has troubles, she needs to be alone, she did something wrong, she is hiding something from ...

Need daughter to contact lonelly mother

Your daughter was (and still is) a minor when you lost touch with her. Who was her legal guardian when you lost touch with her. I'd suggest getting that information, and re-establishing contact with your daughter that way.

I have lived in myhome for 7 years I am MOther ...

I believe you even before you told me about the bus. Get a restraining order. You deserve peace and the right to live in your own home.