Who is jewerly artist J. S.?

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Answered: Turn gold costume jewerly( weddding) to silver

You might try going to your local jewelry store to see if they are able to do this. Good luck.

Answered: What is the info of artist Jackson Pollock?

Jackson Pollock was an American painter. He was an important practitioner of Abstract Expressionism. For more info, check on this site: http://www.artisoo.com/shop-by-artist-jackson-pollock-c-66_156_712.html .

Answered: Looking for magetically interchangeable jewerly made in grand rapids

Try searching on www.insiderpages.com to find a place in your area. Good luck.

Answered: J

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Answered: Organize Jewerly Project

Just let them all get mixed up and when you find a necklace without knots or a pair of earrings you will feel a sense of achievement!!!
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