who is fisher or albert crossword clue?

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Answered: Crossword puzzle cue

without ice,...ask the bartender to serve it "neat"

Answered: Who killed Osiris

Seth, his jealous brother.

Answered: What dodgers dodged (crossword clue)?

Maybe you could give us a clue? How many letters would be nice.

Answered: Where the amazon rises crossword clue?

Many of the rivers that join to form the Amazon start in the Andes Mts. in Ecuador and Peru. The conjoining is in Peru, near Iquitos.

Answered: Which Prince Albert are the cigars named after?

The husband of Queen Victoria, who created the world exposition in the crystal palace, which was a huge and massively successful event displaying art and science and modern new inventions and technology. After his death, Queen Victoria wore black in mourning for the rest of her life.
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