who is doing the comcast xfinity commercials?

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Answered: Comcast vp technical operations tony speller I GOT ...

Your note did not go to Comcast, it is posted on AOL Answers where it is unlikely that Comcast will see it.

Answered: Is the girl on the latest Comcast Triple Play/The ...

Hey mate. I was just at YouTube for like 10 minutes watching all the videos of Dark Knight commercials and Comcast commercials. I didn't see what you were referring to. Maybe you can send us the link, a YouTube link, and we can watch it there? Thanks.

Answered: Stop the commercials on this site.

It was time to stop the spam about 6 months ago. If they could do that, and then enforce their own Terms of Service and get rid of the stalkers and bigots, then things might get better here. But I wouldn't hold my breath. Afterall, we're talking about AOL here, not an actual legitimate company with ...

Answered: Can anyone help me find this old video game commercial for Blood Omen

I finally found it. Don't know why it's so hard to track down. http://vimeo.com/20033607

Answered: Does anyone know how i can get the red light on my ...

I just want to know how i can turn off the red light on my cable box because it is not letting me change channels on my tv? do i need a code to turn off the red light on my cable box and if so do you know the code to turn of the red light on the cable box so that i can change channels?

Answered: Is there a "no standing except for commercial trucks" on West 51st Street

What city would that be? NYC? In any case I would ask the local police
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I don't know, hang on, I'll call them and ask.

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