who is DA, Addison, texas?

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Answered: Assistant Houston DA Justin Keiter made death threats against a Federal

There is no way to verify this obvous leftist lie. As such, there is no reason at all to think that any leftist is not the usual typcal racist psychotic fool that Obama favors, and that is why all Democrats scream "God Damn America" 24-7. Typical, racist, and stupid. Democrats have always been ...

Answered: Dose Addison's cause women to not want SEX.

Hi, No, at least as far as I know. The side effect depends on the specific medication. There are 5 types of medication (listed below), each one has its specific side effect but none of then is known to lower the sex drive. The 5 types of madication are: Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme (ACE ...

Answered: Where can i buy kens texas petal sauce

I don't know but here is the recipe: 1 cup mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons prepared horseradish, 2 tablespoons catsup , teaspoon paprika, teaspoon dry oregano, dash black pepper, dash cayenne to make Texas petal sauce

Answered: Texas

What about the Hill Country? Any fishing? Are there any sweet southern gals still there??

Answered: How many new words can i make from the word graveyard i want da words

Gravy. Grade. Ready. Rave. Gave. gray. Drag. Very. Dear. Rear. Read. Year. Gear. Rage. Yard. Dare. Rare. Ear. Red. Gay. Day. Rag. Age. Ray. Aye. Radar. Rad. Gar.

Answered: Possession of stuntguns

Stun guns (TASER) is regarded as a firearm in Texas and the same laws apply to the use of a TASER as apply to a handgun. You have to pass the same background check in Texas for a TASER as you do for a more lethal weapon. A criminal conviction, outstanding warrant, or mental health complaint, will ...
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If Texas is using a

The drug is no secret. The name of the supplier is being kept secret.