who is count dominic dimetri?

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Answered: How to reserve zero sperm count problem ?

I think he meant to say reverse zero sperm count, not reserve it. It may be possible to reverse a vasectomy, but it doesn't always work. There may be an obstruction. Or there may be anti-sperm antibodies.

Answered: Female Domination

There are the CB2000, CB3000, and CB6000 male chastity cages avaliable. Just google them. Lots of info and websites. You keep the only key. He gets out only when you want him to and he is tied up so that he cannot prevent you from putting it back on. There are also "points" that could be added ...

Answered: How to i find the traffic count on certain road in whiteside county in

Contact the local county office to get this information.

Answered: Mailbox count on desktop toolbar

Yes -- I know big difference between desktop and toolbar -- and that was my problem too..... could find nothing in the AOL Help or documentation I did put a shortcut on my desktop (direct to mailbox), but it's a shortcut only and has no "new mail" info like the mailbox that was on my former ...
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What is minimum sperm count is needed for IUI ?

I think you need to contact your doctor to get the exact numbers. Good luck.

Names and numbers of Bucilla counted cross stitch Thread

This site has a list of the Bucilla color codes with small color cubes show next to them, which may be a little more helpful than the conversion list you have now if it doesn't actually show the numbers. What I would suggest, though, is to try to get access to a DMC color card , which contains ...

The question is, Extend the additive counting ...

How many counting numbers less than 46 are divisible by 3 and 5.

How long to count to a million How long to count to a billion How long

It really depends on how fast you count, so it could easily vary. A trillion is after a billion and a billion is after a million. 1 000 000 seconds = 16 666.6667 minutes = 277.777778 hours = 11.5740741 days The American billion (a.k.a., the short-scale billion) is a thousand million. The average ...