who is consumer cellular connie?

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Answered: What does cellular confinemet means in prison...

Being restricted to a jail cell. See this web site as an example of how cellular confinement is used.

Answered: How many Manager of the Year Awards did Connie Mack win?

Wassey You are correct again! Thanx Happy New Year 2011

Answered: Where can I find a battery for my HTC VX6900 cellular phone?

The cheapest HTC VX6900 battery I could find is the HTC BTR6900 Battery from http://www.emtcompany.com

Answered: What cellular carrier is this 818335

It's from Nextel Communications visit this link to find out http://mrnumber.com/1-818-335.

Answered: What cellular phones hardware and software do i need to play 2010

They both are totally different, you can't compare.

Answered: Free reverse lookup cellular phones?

Free reverse lookup on a cellular phone is not real. You shouldn’t be fooled by fake advertisements. If you want to have effective reverse phone number lookup, consider www.seekphoneinfo.com
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Free Reverse Lookup Cellular Phones, Trace Number and Locate Owner?

It is true that you can conduct reverse phone lookup on cell phones, but it doesn’t come for free. I suggest you go to http://www.phonelookupsite.com/ to help you know more about reverse phone lookup.

I would love to have a lot more cell ringtones for ...

why pay for ringtones when you can download them for free... free ringtones www.freeringtonesonline.net

What allows cellular respiration?

the intake of oxygen leads to cellular respiration

How many Cellular Phone users are world wide?

There are currently around 4.5B mobile subscribers worldwide, up from about 4B beginning of this year. During 2010 there will be additional 500M new users.