Who is carley on imus?

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Answered: What happened to Imus on 970 AM ?

Imus went to sht and the hogs ate him.

Answered: Don Imus controversy

The only people who got offended by this are women with nappy hair(you know who you are) (and all the ho's) The media tried to make a stink of it and Don Came out on top like he should of

Answered: IMUS referenced Victorias Secret and his wife -- what did he say?

My wife delights in three marts for her alluring boudoir attire: Victoria's Secret, Frederic's of Hollywood, and a custom designer in Los Angeles. I will not say more but the nights here are MOST alluring and it is all due to her desire to be sexy. And we're both retirement age! Keep up with that ...

Answered: Radio frequency

This web site has the stations that broadcast his show. http://www.imus.com/content/stations.guest.html

Answered: Imus' accomplice: quilty as well?

It turns out that after you posted your question, Imus's accomplice, Bernard McGuirk, was fired too! (Maybe your question got someone thinking ... ) (MSNBC: Imus sidekick-producer McGuirk also fired )
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How old is carley simons?

And still pretty doggone good looking for her age.

What tv channel is IMUS on

Imus got fired for calling a mostly black girls basketball time a "bunch of nappy headed whores". But he is doing fine and that (about 2 years ago, almost, blew over. Imus and his sidekicks are a riot at times, once you get to know them and their kind of humor ... and he does some funny but ...

Where to buy david imus map of america?

I will soon put this political map onhttp://www.pusulaharita.com and also map prints for sale on http://www.mapist.com.tr.

Who sings the song caveman yoyo and was on imus in the mrning

After extensive search for the same song, I eventually found it using lyrics. It's not "Caveman Yo-Yo" but "KMAG Yo-Yo" by Hayes Carll. Apparently its a military acronym for "Kiss My A**, Guys: You're On Your Own"