Who is BI Holdings, Inc?

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Answered: Is my husband kinda bi sexual??

im 25years old and my husband is35 he always tries to put his fingers in my anal area and he always tries to get me to let him do it analy and if i say no he gets mad. he was in prison a couple times could he be bi

Answered: I'm bi what do i do

Please forgive me, I did not read your question carefully enuf. Your name places you in a culture other than America. This is correct, is it not? Here are some thots- 1. I believe that homosexuality is a choice. 2. I believe that GOD does not approve of this practice. 3. At age 15, a ...

Answered: Why is she bi-sexual?

Bi girls, bifemales are bifemales usually because they have a boyfriend and a girlfriend... what your talking about is a bit slutty

Answered: The new owner of winndixie is bi-lo llc. who owns them

Good question. Bi-Lo has been shifted around a lot, by acquision companies who squeeze what they can out of a business, and then dump the remains. The latest company to own them is Lone Star Funds, under whom Bi-Lo filed for bankruptcy in 2009. Lone Star tried in 2010 to sell Bi-Lo to either ...

Answered: Why scooter batterys dont hold charge

There must be some defect on your charger, and it wise to consult their manufacturer for that battery of <a href="http://e300electricscooter.org/">Razor scooters.

Answered: Hand holds in the shower?

We went to a Medical Supply house the hospital recommended and paid $40 for a set of suction cup holders. They were very strong when first placed on the wall of the shower, but all of them, (we went through 2 sets) popped off and hit us on the top of our feet and made us jump out of our chairs when ...
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Im wondering if my husband might be bi cause hes ...

Most men want anal sex. I don't really know why. I never found it all that good. However, he's been inm prison and has adapted to that same sex lifestyle. Doesn't mean he's bi, just that in prison you do what ya gotta do. However, I would strongly advise you to get him to have an AIDS test. See ...

Bi or not bi

She's just drunk but hey if u want a 3 sum ask!!! But yea i dont drink or anythin but i know das wat beer does so goood luck with wat ever u choose

What is the longest time that a bird can hold it's breath? what

Penguins! They can hold their breath under water for up to 2 and a half minutes.

For a out of state warrant how long can they hold you for a out of state

how long can pa hold you in jail for an 14 year old warrant from va