who is Bernard-Paul Heroux - 1900s Basque philosopher?

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Answered: Where does the basque language fix in at the indo-european list?

Basque is classified as a language isolate. See this blog for more details.

Answered: Can I get my St. Bernard when it is only 6 weeks old?

Yes, at 6 weeks old, you can get your dog. At 6 weeks, dogs are already weaned. It is advisable to pick up a dog at 8 weeks. That will give them a chance to socialize with its mother and they turn out to be better pets if they spent longer time with their mother.

Answered: Information for story

A count and earl are the same thing, a nobleman in some European countries; An earl by definition is a middle-ranking British nobleman, above a viscount and below a marquess. In the middle ages, a baron was a nobleman who was given land in return for royal services. A viscount is a rank above the ...

Answered: What are Bernard Goldberg's political views?

Pretty sure toward the Right.. Sweet G 6/22 .............................................................. How the Media Twist the News How the Media Twist the News SHEILA GRIBBEN LIAUGMINAS Sheila Gribben Liaugminas, a 20-year veteran of a major national news magazine, tells you how to ...

Answered: If Bernard Madoff is found guilty

I also think the death penalty. This man has ruined countless lifes, reduced good people to suicide, caused untold job losses, and so the list goes on. A public flogging first would be a good idea (maybe others thinking of doing the same would be cautioned with this), but on the otherhand anyone ...

Answered: Paul Harvey Dies

A wounderful warrior that is missed
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