who is authority on american indian artifacts?

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Answered: American Indian Artist, Ken Marsh

Ken Marsh is listed in American Artisan Magazine as a sculptor, painter, and writer. I have seen a few of his paintings, and found them disappointingly political. One cannot be an artist and a politician simultaneously if history tells us anything.

Answered: Authors

It was, in fact, Cheesta A. Author as shown in this photograph. He was located about 250 miles from the headwaters.

Answered: Authentic Indian restaurant kildare..? Best Indian Restaurant in

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Answered: Are Native Americans living better lives in 2013 than they did in

Aren't we all living better lives since 1913? The native american numbers are dwindled so far they barely make 1% of the population and their purest blood is slowly becoming mixed with every other ethnicity but hey that's the melting pot of america, cooking and boiling indians in its steamy broth ...

Answered: American Indian

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Answered: SILVERBEAR - American Indian Jewelry designer

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What is a Native American TV station like?

Native American TV in Washington DC http://www.natv.org/

What does a Native American's computer look like?

I would say that Native Americans use the same computers that anyone else would use -- selected on the same rationale of practice and application to a given task. And I would also say that they would suffer the same temptation to burn these computers at the stake when they see a blue screen, next ...

What does a Native American's kitchen look like?

Originally, Natives here used "pit cooking" much as that seen in Hawaii. That and spit brazing and grilling, with a good amount of hot-smoked barbecue. Natives here also used drying and salting to preserve game, vegetables, and starches against the cold winter months. None of that requires ...

Native american indian

Perhaps you mean the Muscogee Confederacy. (Creek) They were originally in Georgia and Alabama and some are now in Oklahoma.