who is Abby at paramount kia?

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Answered: Rims for my pink 2011 Kia Rio

believe it or not, pink cars look great with totally black rims. Take a look at these. http://www.carid.com/dub-wheels/drone-black-855225.html

Answered: Western Paramount Life Insurance

whats that?'Western Paramount Life Insurance Company'?then www.agamegold.com ?whats wrong?hey strikegold.i think u are offering the online game service?i guess it has nothing to do with 'Western Paramount Life Insurance Company ' ......

Answered: Abby Clancy's Football Date

England soccer star Peter Crouch

Answered: Kia mini truck

I have been told a company named GLB does parts, there phone number is 972-724-2778

Answered: 2002 Kia Sportage

Has it started sounding bad only after the tuning? I would consider taking it for a tune at some other place.
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Abby ?

Why are you asking this question here? Are you a private investigator or something? Or an ex-boyfriend or stalker or something? Leave poor Abby alone..seems like her life is in shambles if any of what you say is true.